Roof Curbs

Kinetics roof curb isolation systems (ASHRAE type D) are specifically designed for curb-supported rooftop equipment. Rooftop rails consist of upper and lower frames separated by springs and rest on top of architectural roof curbs. Isolation curbs incorporate the roof curb and rooftop rail into their design. Roof curb isolation systems are designed with springs that have static deflections to meet the design criteria.


  • ESR: Vibration Isolation Roof Curb and Rail
  • KSCR: Roof Curb and Vibration Isolation Rail
  • KSR: Vibration Isolation Rail
  • KIP-RT: Rooftop Equipment Pads


Fans and compressors within rooftop equipment can create a significant amount of noise that transfers into the spaces below the roofline. Kinetics in curb acoustical treatments lay on the floor of an existing curb or new curb installation to reduce the noise transfer. The in curb acoustical treatments described below can be combined with a vibration isolation curb and duct silencers to create a system that addresses all the noise and vibration concerns of your packaged rooftop equipment.

  • RT-7 Acoustical Treatment: A cost-effective solution and a contractor favorite due to its light weight and overall ease of installation. Sound Transmission Class (STC) 37.
  • NOISEBLOCK Acoustical Panels: Double-walled perforated metal panels that are manufactured to fit and laid into the bottom of the curb delivering superior sound absorption (noise reduction) and transmission loss (noise blocking). Sound Transmission Class (STC) 40/43/48/52.