Riser Supports, Anchors, and Guides

Vertical pipe riser supports, anchors, and guides isolate the pipe from the structure to minimize noise and vibration transmission, while also allowing the pipe to expand and contract with minimal change in the support forces.

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  • KRG Pipe Guide: Isolated or non-isolated. Required in shaft mounted risers. Typically excluded on core drilled risers. Isolated version recommended for use guide is required at same location as an isolated support, unless isolation can be overhead.
  • KPA Pipe Anchor: Recommended to anchor pipe to structure to set thermal origin.
  • FLS/FLSS Restrained Spring Isolators: Recommended as an anchor in fully spring supported systems with seismic considerations.
  • FDS Non-Restrained Spring Isolators: Recommended to support loads back to structure while allowing pipe thermal growth/shrinkage, as dictated by project documents and/or structural limits.
  • SRH Isolation Hangers: Recommended to support branch lines or in place of FDS when overhead support is preferred.