Fabric Absorbers

Today's fabric-wrapped panels range from basic to highly engineered absorbers. Select the panel core that meets your acoustical needs.


  • TAD: Specially-tuned absorptive panels that preserve high-frequency energy in various spaces.
  • VersaTune: Low-frequency absorbers with excellent balance across all frequencies.
  • High Impact HardSide: Impact-resistant panels with better absorption than traditional panels.
  • AcoustiGraphix®: A picture, logo, trademark, or artwork can be printed on special fabric and wrapped on any panel core.
  • HardSide: Traditional absorption panels for a variety of settings.
  • Hi-Tack: Tackable and non-absorptive bulletin boards.
  • SportsBoard Elite: Deters damage from strong impacts, for active and reverberant spaces.
  • S4 Panel: Scrubbable & utilitarian panels with a coated polyester finish.