Diffusers & Reflectors

Too much absorption can leave a space sounding flat and uneven. Adding diffusers and reflectors immerses the audience in superb sound, enveloping them with rich, even tones.


  • Ovation Reflectors: Acoustic reflectors provide clarity in large venues by evenly dispersing sound and controlling late reflections.
  • HighTones: Diffuse high-frequency sound, in solid wood finishes.
  • MidTones: Disperse middle frequencies with deeper wells, in solid wood finishes.
  • ScatterBox: Two-dimensional wood diffusers with random well depths.
  • Geometric Diffusers: Multi-directional diffusers with deep profiles, in copolymer or fabric finishes.
  • TAD Panels: Scatter high frequencies for tuned absorption and diffusion, in fabric finishes.